ANDREA  | Originally from California, Andrea arrived in Montreal nine years ago as the result of a backpacking trip across the U.S. She founded Disarm the Dark six years ago and has been serving Calvary Chapel Montreal Regeneration as a full time missionary for approximately five years. Her part in Disarm consists of directing our dedicated team of volunteer staff, developing creative content, curriculum writing and communicating the vision. 

EMILY  | After graduating from McGill University with a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Political Science), Emily joined Disarm and immediately began applying her education to our work. Growing up in the West Island of Montreal, she has a sound grasp on the young adults leading the way for Christian community around the city. She is the primary contact for our ministry and oversees the logistics of projects, meetings and people interested in connecting with Disarm. 

RAINA CLAIR | Co-founder of Disarm, Raina is a Montreal based fashion designer and teacher of Fashion Marketing, Business Management, and Event Planning at Collège LaSalle. Her insight into pedagogy, brand development and current trends in technology relevant to business, has made her an invaluable asset to our team. Her primary role is communicating ethical design within her sphere of influence and paving the way for Disarm to express the need for sustainable development within the fashion and textile industries. 

Disarm the Dark

KARISSA | Currently in Cambodia for the year, Karissa joined our team two years ago and quickly found her space in helping to engage our community through personal connections, laughter, writing and jumping in wherever she can. We are so grateful to have an inside glimpse of her experience working with Destiny Rescue as they serve children who have been trafficked or entrapped in the sex industry in Phnom Penh. We look forward to having her back with us and continue to benefit from her contribution of content and insight.

Disarm the Dark

IVAN | A jack of all trades and explorer of all options, Ivan just sort of showed up one day and asked if we had anything he could do; we have since set him to work unraveling the mystery of technology, building a new site for Disarm and then teach our team. He does all of this with the patience of an animator and all the unpredictable creativity of an artist. Currently, Ivan is responsible for developing animation shorts to explain some of our initiatives and developing mock ups of our online classroom across multiple interfaces. 

CORINNE |  As the newest member of our team, Corinne is already finding her way and helping to inform our efforts as she teaches our team of academics how social media actually works. Still finishing high school, Corinne helps out with Disarm when she can and is responsible for organizing all the “have you seen this?” content that is sent to Disarm — she is slowly forming a more articulated strategy for our social media.

HEIDY | Currently living in Alberta, Heidy has been part of the Disarm family since the beginning.  She has provided administrative support on a variety of projects and has written music inspired and for our ministry.  At present, she helps fill in all the little gaps of research and reading that is required to curate our brand and be aware of other organizations.

ALEXANDER | Laval based translation master, Alex joined our team last year after having attended a Disarm event two years earlier and about two days after our team had prayed for someone to help us with translation. He currently balances two jobs, school and all the rewrites and technical content we send his way. We are so incredibly grateful for his commitment to capturing the significance of our message and translating both the words and the weight of their meaning.

MELANIE | Having just returned from two years in Papua New Guinea, Melanie is joining our team this year to help facilitate the course in French and provide simultaneous translation for all of our events.  She has been involved in Disarm the Dark since the very beginning and has continually served as a source of encouragement, insight and enthusiasm.  We were so happy to send her to PNG to teach literacy among the people there but we are also so happy to have her back!

MARK & LYDIA | As one of the earliest members of Disarm the Dark, Lydia has carried our ministry with her into marriage, through moving to Sherbrooke where she and her husband now live and over the years as they walk out God’s calling on their lives.  Mark and Lydia live in a large house dedicated to providing housing for vulnerable young adults and and are actively involved in outreach ministry within their city.  

JONATHAN | The epitome of an early adopter, Jonathan arrived on the scene less than 24 hours after we first launched our ministry beyond the walls of Calvary.  He has served as an integral part of our team through connecting us with different initiatives around the city and communicating the vision across every available platform.