Our working group is formed by the collective effort of individuals across multiple communities who have given something of themselves to see liberty brought to the lives of others.  

Each internship is unique and intentionally woven into the others in order to provide a dynamic platform for individualsto explore the complex reality of oppression and to find their place in the fight against it.  Within the internship context, servant-leaders are challenged to consider justice for their own communities and rise to the occasion of it. 

Our quiet aim is to mobilize individuals and communities to capably undermine the conditions that allow human trafficking to exist.   

Internships will be granted through an application process to individuals who demonstrate/provide:

  • Seriousness | si(ə)rēəsnis| carried out in earnest; implies sincerity and intensity of purpose
  • A willingness to serve others (particularly when it lacks glamour)
  • A pastoral reference
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