In keeping with the apostle’s doctrine we have made a conscious decision not to associate any cost with our part in the edification of the body of Christ.  We are convinced that God will continue to place it in the hearts of people to provide for this ministry according to His purpose and with all joy.  

We have also chosen not to pursue any outside funding that is not fully willing to recognize and protect our identity as a Christian ministry. 

All of our accounting/accountability is done through Calvary Chapel Montréal Régénération and all our support is distributed double blind, which means:

  • We do not know who gives
  • We receive a fixed amount 

All salary and support distributed by Calvary is done this way (to the extent possible) in order to protect our priorities and relationships.  


Our ministry overhead is $1,300 per month in order to be fully operational (salary, materials, travel, coffee etc.).  We are currently operating in a rolling deficit which translates into a significant loss of momentum. 

All donations are full tax deductible and directly impact the scope of our work.  Our hope is that in 2015 we will be able to say "yes" to all the opportunities set before us through God's provision of consistent financial partnerships. 

We ask that financial participation in the work of this ministry be done prayerfully and in proper measure; please give the first of your tithes and offerings to your local church. 

By Grace,

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