Disarm the Dark has been a participating member of this regional task force in upstate New York since it was first launched in 2012. Our membership consists of travelling to meetings held throughout the North Country on a quarterly basis, providing project based and general administrative support and facilitating cross border partnerships. It has allowed us insight into a variety of approaches, models and attitudes towards criminalization (at the federal, state and community level) and has been an invaluable resource to our work. Membership is composed of investigative, enforcement, service provision and community stakeholders. 

Mtl. Civil Coalition

As a follow up to our two day conference that took place in August, we will be hosting a number of guest speaker events over the spring and summer at various churches around Montreal.  Our intention is to continue to build upon the concepts of capacity building and collaboration outlined in the U.S task force model and to provide a platform for seasoned frontline workers to share their perspectives.  Our roster at present includes the former Director of International Prison Fellowship, the Human Trafficking Specialist for the New York Attorney General, a member of Homeland Security who worked trafficking cases in the Philippines and the Mansvelds who have done street ministry in Montreal for over two decades. 


Street Level Roundtable Montreal

Duane and Miriam Mansveld have been doing street ministry in Montreal’s Gay Village for the past 20 years; a neighborhood marked by entrenched oppression, addiction and transience.  Recently, Duane has organized a roundtable discussion for Christians serving Montreal’s street population.  Our ministry has already benefitted greatly from the mentorship of the Mansvelds and look forward to continuing participation in this roundtable.